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What we do



We design and execute on new business models and innovative market offerings


We help organizations become more courageous, empathetic, and creative


We build robust yet flexible strategic visions, plans, and approaches

We help organizations of all sizes

From multi-billion dollar Fortune 100 companies to bootstrapped start-ups

We work across all industries

Innovation isn’t limited to tech companies, and neither are we

All of our clients have one thing in common

A willingness to put in the work and take the risks necessary to implement change

What we believe


Culture change starts at the top

Too many organizations build detailed “innovation action plans” that take 6 months to develop. Start iterating now! Try changing something small. If it works, change something bigger. If it doesn’t work then learn from it and try something else.

How you do anything is how you do everything

To make an organization more dynamic and innovative, the right leaders have to be personally engaged and focused on this. Endorsing or championing these values are not enough – they must be lived.

Everyone can be (and is) creative

Creativity is a skill that can be learned and practiced. The right structures and methodologies can help to unleash this, but the necessary ingredients are in everyone.


About us

Who we are

Mike Ross founded Juniper with the goal of helping organizations and corporations build innovative businesses, products, and services using design thinking and customer-centric idea development methodologies. Prior to Juniper, Mike worked as a managing director of a private equity firm, as a consultant at McKinsey, as a product and marketing specialist at eBay/Kijiji and as an international finance lawyer. 

Our team is composed of experienced consultants, who have supported numerous clients in the development of products, services, ways of working and corporate strategies. The team is committed to research that goes beyond the obvious and uncovers outsized opportunities, and a distinct combination of creativity and hard-headed analytics.

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We are proudly based in Montreal, but we work everywhere. Send us a note or give us a call.

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